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  • Review Title :   Do Not Even Think About Using This Company
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A month before I had to move I made the horrible mistake and booked with Road Runner Auto Transport. I ALWAYS go to Yelp and the one time to just searched google it bit me in the ass. 4 days passed after my car was supposed to be picked up and still... nothing. On day 5, I called Chris at Cd Auto Transport. He was nice enough to explain to me what Road Runner did not and informed me the reason no one has agreed to take my car is that I was all the way on the east end of long island. Had I known I had to meet somewhere in the middle, it would have not been a problem. Road Runner did not tell me any of this and did not try and help me when I explained the issue. All was lost... until I called Chris at Cd Chris was there. He explained everything and got my car picked up within 48 hrs and arriving on the same day I arrive in California. He runs the business and also is the one who answers the phone and your questions. He is prompt to return missed calls and he is patient with any and all questions. I could not recommend Cd any higher and if you are moving anywhere and need your car shipped, call Chris!

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