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  • Review Title :   Car Shipping Pros did not disappoint
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After reading the latter review I decided to share my own experience here because I felt the ladies at car shipping pros warranted a solid representation of the reputable work they do. As a dealership that ahs shipped over 900 cars with car shipping pros and kathleen parker, I can tell you not only is Kat rock solid but so is Jenny, Sally, Sarah, Elizabeth, Cristy, Jess etc. (If I am leaving anyone out my apologies my memory isn't what it used to be at 51) I have shipped from collectibles to high end Ferraris to Honda Civics with car shipping pros hence we ship now about 30 cars a week with them, started out with just 20-30 a month and I am here to tell you that as a broker that they are and everyone you speak to will be, they have the most control from any broker I know out there! There's is unfortunately always 1 bad truck driver that spoils the batch and like I told Jenny no one's perfect. I just wanted to point that out for whoever might be considering this company. I am a repeat shipper and ladies...I couldn't be happier SEMPER FI !

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