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We shipped a car from CA to MA in August. The driver made us meet him 20 minutes away because he would not deliver the car to a residential area. We were out of town and it was a burden on my parents to go meet him. In October we had to ship our second car out and went with CAA again because they are the cheapest company to use. We did not have plates on the car and told them in advance. Jennifer told us that they could deliver the car within 5 miles. When the driver called, he wanted to meet us at the same shopping plaza. We told him we were not comfortable driving the car that far, in addition, my husband works an hour away and my parents are out of town. I had no one to drive me there and I have a 7 month old baby. After a little hassle, Jennifer offered to have the driver leave his truck down the road, drive our car to our house, and then pay for a taxi for him to get back to his truck. By the time the driver arrived my husband was home from work and was able to meet him and drive him back to his truck. It was a bit of a commotion because the driver did not speak English well. It would be better to go with someone that can deliver the car directly to your home. However, I am impressed with lengths that CAA was willing to go to make this work for us.

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