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  • Posted From :   California
  • Review Title :   Great Company
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  • Rating:   5 Out of 5
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  • Origin :   North Carolina
  • Pickup :   On Time
  • Destination :   California
  • Delivery :   Early
  • Honesty :   Excellent
  • Knowlegeable :   Excellent
  • Hold Times/Promptness :   Excellent
  • Overall Customer Service :   Excellent

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I highly recommend anyone shipping a vehicle to use bulldog. When you put a request in to ship your car you be bombarded with emails and phone calls. Bulldog is the company I would go for. They picked my car up on the exact day they said they would and got it to me 3 days before expected and in great condition. They called me and let me know updates on where it was and when it was going to arrive, they also called me 30 minutes ahead of time to let me know they were almost there to give me time to get home from work.James the manager was very responsive to any question I had. 5 stars!

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