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They gave us an estimate by phone of what the move would cost, taking into consideration a detailed description of all the items to be moved. They attracted us with a low estimate and even giving us several discounts. The day of the move the foreman told us that they had given us a very low estimate and the the move would cost much more. At that point, we had no choice. He asked us to sign like 10 different documents before they could start loading the truck. We were not able to read each document and we were not given copies. When we reached our new destination they told us that the cost was double of what had been estimated and we still needed another full truck load to go. They also demanded full payment or they would not unload the truck. When we tried to complain with the person that gave us the initial estimate, she was no where to be found and we asked to talk to the owner, who was very rude. We should have listened to the many bad comments about this company. Our recommendations is to keep away from them.

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