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  • Posted From :   Texas
  • Review Title :   Worst Business Experience Ever
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  • Origin :   Oregon
  • Pickup :   Never
  • Destination :   Utah
  • Delivery :   Never
  • Honesty :   Poor
  • Knowlegeable :   Poor
  • Hold Times/Promptness :   Poor
  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

Review Description

Avoid Autotrail Transport at all costs unless you want to be yelled at and threatened with lawsuits--which if you read the fine print is required to be processed in their NY district. We scheduled pick up from Oregon to Utah. Thought it was odd to be forced to split up the payment for their service in two different payments until you discover it makes it easier for them to keep part of the payment if they choose. Anyway, we schedule the pickup of our truck but then called to make a change to the pick up date due to company start date changes. However, when the original date came they called me and yelled at me for not being ready. They then proceeded to threaten us that they had a deposition from the driver that he was ready to pick up our vehicle but we were not ready for him (despite notifying them we needed to change the date). After being completely YELLED OUT by the male manager we told them we wanted nothing to do with their company and asked for a refund. They told us we lost the first part of the payment but then never even refunded the rest of it. After several weeks of calling and getting the run around but NEVER receiving ANY of the money back we ended up driving the vehicle to Utah ourselves. The ladies that answer the phone were always trying to be nice but the male manager(s) that run the place are like mafia scary. In fact, it is because of this NY company I avoid doing business in NY and would warn anyone to avoid this company at all costs!

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