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  • Posted From :   New Jersey
  • Review Title :   Great Service
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  • Rating:   5 Out of 5
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  • Origin :   New Jersey
  • Pickup :   On Time
  • Destination :   Florida
  • Delivery :   On Time
  • Honesty :   Excellent
  • Knowlegeable :   Excellent
  • Hold Times/Promptness :   Excellent
  • Overall Customer Service :   Excellent

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For the past 2 years I have been transporting my car back and forth to Florida from New Jersey, I have a 2005 Chrysler 300. I contacted Autocarry in Sept. 2008 I advised to them that this would be my first time ever using a service such as this and that normally I would drive the car myself but find myself unable to make the drive any longer. They took the time to explain in detail there procedures, and the cost of shipping my vehicle. Within minutes we had settled on a date and was told that I would be receiving paperwork in the mail in a few days. I am happy to say that I did get the paperwork mailed in my deposit and I received a call the day before my pickup with a time frame as to when I should be expecting the driver, the car was picked up on the scheduled pick up date and within the time frame that I was told. I was told that I would be receiving my car within 4-7 days after my car was picked up and I DID! I was so pleased with there service that I have used them ever since. My car was just transported again in April from Florida to New Jersey and I have already made my arrangements for the return trip in November. Thanks Autocarry!

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