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  • Posted From :   New York
  • Review Title :   1972 Chevy Suburban
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  • Quote or Order ID :   1111472-TG
  • Origin :   Arizona
  • Pickup :   Early
  • Destination :   New York
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Review Description

Had the worst shipment from this company, truck arrived with a flat tire, dead battery, winch on transporter was broken and I was FORCED to hire a flat bed to take my truck off the trailer, paid for door to door delivery, driver refused to delivered to my home and delivered my truck a mile away in a city owned parking lot, driver was unprofessional, and carried a tire iron around in an attempt to show who was boss, even gave the tow truck I hired a hard time. I have moved and shipped cars all over the world and never had a problem, this company is a night mare to deal with, NEVER, AGAIN. Having to file an insurance claim for damage and also a claim with my credit card company........Beware!!!!!! Please review the response by AutoGo on another board, it is utter BS, when I hire a broker it is their job to satisfy me, they don't get an easy out because they are "just" the broker.

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