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  • Review Title :   They always respond quickly and have the best prices!
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My father drove a Triumph Stag that he purchased new. Now that he is 94, he no longer drives the car, and we decided the car would go to my brother who lives in Connecticut. My brothers and I all love that car, and we knew it needed some tender loving care to get across the country. My brother found Angels and arranged for the car to be picked up. Dina and her team were in communication with me all throughout the process, and the carrier, Dmitri, who picked up the car was incredibly helpful and efficient and the whole process of loading took under an hour. It was comforting to see how careful they were and when they left I felt confident the car would make its way across the country safely. Not every car is a beloved family heirloom, but Angels will certainly treat it like it is. If you need a car moved anywhere, The team at Angels will make sure it gets there.

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