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  • Review Title :   Dina is the single worst
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  • Origin :   Texas
  • Pickup :   Early
  • Destination :   New Jersey
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  • Honesty :   Poor
  • Knowlegeable :   Poor
  • Hold Times/Promptness :   Poor
  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

Review Description

I've used this company twice and, while it got my vehicle to the place I wanted it, my recent move involved the single-worst customer support experience I've ever had. Dina, the company's owner, seems to believe that it doesn't matter how terrible she treats her customers as long as the vehicle arrives in good condition. We called her yesterday to receive an update on the status of my vehicle, as we'd been dealing with some issues (the transporters truck broke down for a few days mid-transit). After reasonably requesting an update on the status of our valuable possession (it's a car, it costs a non-trivial amount of money, we're right to want to know where it is), Dina flew off the handle and snapped at us. At this point, my mother was taken aback and pushed back on Dina's extraordinarily disrespectful tone and language, which seemed to infuriate this woman even more. She finally relented and decided to bring on the transporter point of contact. As soon as this man got on the call, Dina dropped this bomb, with my mother able to hear all of this: "I have this rude, obnoxious customer on the line. She's probably fat and ugly." This is no joke. She said this verbatim. I do customer support for a living and I would be fired before I finished the call if I said something like this. Dina, then texted me, insulting my mother further. My girlfriend and father were both present for this call and corroborated my mother's story; Dina was vile and rude on the call. I called Dina today to demand an apology for the astoundingly terrible behavior she portrayed and she accused my family and my girlfriend of being liars and insinuated that it doesn't make any difference how terrible she was to us because the car arrived fine. Do not use this company. I was thinking about posting the name of the carrier here as they did a decent job getting the car over (though they did arrive for pickup two days early; royally screwing up my entire week), but any business that would associate themselves with such an awful manager should not receive your business. Dina appears to have some issues dealing with people; go ahead and check other review sites. You'll note that among the good reviews (likely from people that didn't ask Dina any "rude" questions such as "May I have a status update on my vehicle?") there are many that point out that Dina may be a borderline sociopath. Avoid at all costs.

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