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I was approached by this company to transport my vehicle after I filled out an online form on a website where different carriers can bid on it. When they first called they said we will do it for 550 then later I was contacted by another company that company and they would charge me 500 for the transport. So I let Caesar know that. He lowered the price to 500 and went on about how professional their company was.. He asked me to look at the review on and how they deliver on time and blah blah... I guess I fell for it. I decided to go with them. Then they asked me to give my credit card number but they wouldn't charge me until the vehicle was dispatched. I wanted to make sure when my car would be delivered before I made my final decision. I needed it their asap. I explained him that... then he said he would look for carriers that were driving that route and let me know. I wanted the car to be there by Sunday1/29/2012. He didnt call.. so i called back again. He said that he hadn't found a carrier yet. Then he called and let me know that they can pick it up on Thursday 1/26 and the car would be there on Monday 1/30. I said ok but didnt want any more delays. Then he send me the dispatch notice with the carrier information, pick up and delivery time. The carrier was called Master Logistics. After that I didnt hear from them. Caesar had told me that they would contact me about 2-3 hrs before pickup. IT was Thursday and I waited and waited and heard nothing from Caesar nor the driver. Then I called Caesar and asked him whats going on. He said he would check and let me know. I didnt hear back from him so I called the driver and he said he will be there tomorrow as they had to do an oil change to their truck. I told him that as long as it gets there on time its ok if you pick it up tomorrow. Then next day I dont hear from anyone. Nor the driver nor the All American Transport Company. I call the driver again. He said he would be there that evening (1/27). As usual, no one called... I called All American and let Caesar know ... he said he would call back but no reply...... I called the driver again that evening... he says he will be there tomorrow.... I am already starting to get pissed... Tomorrow (Sat 1/28) came and I still dont hear any thing from any body... finally after calling the driver few times he pics up his phone and says he is on his way and will be there by noon. Again No response from the driver and its already 1. This is just ridiculous... you cant be waiting on the driver all week expecting when he is going to call .... I got tired and decided to wait for him to call me back... it was 5 and still i dont hear from him nor All American. I couldn't wait for him because I had to go somewhere so I called him around 5 and asked him where he was... he says he is 5 mins away. Finally he showed up and picked up my car. I asked him when the car would be delivered.. he says he would shoot for Monday... I said ok but I seriously had a doubt.... Long story short... Same thing happened while delivery, first they said monday 1/30, thats what it was scheduled for , then evening, then next day, then evening for sure then next day and finally it reached the destination on Friday evening (3rd Feb). Meanwhile I had called and Emailed Caesar from All American several times and he keeps blaming Master Logistics saying that they are the carrier and not his Company. I contacted All American and not Master Logistics, if the vehicle is delayed for any reason why cant they notify me in advance so that I dont sit there waiting. And I dont care what company they choose to deliver my car. I contacted All American and they should keep track of where the vehicle is or if there is going to be any delays or not... This is a very untrustworthy company. I dont know how they are getting so many good reviews. It could be them writing their own reviews....

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