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On Oct 5,2011 we hired All Amercan Transport to transport two vehicles. A 2008 Mini Cooper to be transported from MA to FL before Nov 12,2011 and a 2007 Nissan Maxima from FL to MA anytime after Oct 28th. On Oct 10th we were told the Mini Cooper would be picked up but the hauler never showed up. The next day we contacted All American. They called back that evening saying the truck had broken down and they would send another hauler. Oct 28,2011 another hauler showed up named Carla J Chirinos. THIS DRIVER SAID WE HAD TO PAY $150 CASH OR THOSE ITEMS WOULD BE THROWN TO THE SIDE OF THEY HIGHWAY ON THE WAY TO FL! The belongings consisted of 3 leather jackets, a car cover and some small misc.items. Per our contract we were allowed up to 100 pounds of belongings in the car and these items did weigh less than 100lbs.We promptly told him to leave and we reported him to All American. All American sent another hauler a week later and due to that we had to postpone the transport of the Nissan because they did not transport the Mini Cooper as promised. On Nov 4,2011 another hauler arrived named Jack Soban picked up the car. The vehicle arrived in FL on Nov 12th and we discovered that one of the leather jackets as well as the car cover were both missing. IS IT JUST A COINCIDENCE THAT THE SAME ITEMS THE PREVIOUS DRIVER HAD THREATENED TO THROW AWAY ARE NOW MISSING?? HIGHLY UNLIKELY! Jack said that the trunk flew open on the highway, so they must have blown out. That car has been driven for 3 years up and down highways and the trunk has never "flown" open! All American transport and Jack Soban refused to compensate us in anyway for the loss of these items. There is no way we can entrust them with another vehicle and have cancelled the Nissan transport due to the theft of merchandise from the previous haul of the Mini cooper and are still waiting for the refund of the $200 deposit as agreed in the contract. Please do not use this company. THE HAULERS THEY USE ARE CRIMINALS. BEWARE!

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