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  • Review Title :   Response to Mike Ventura
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Review Description

This is a response from the owner heree at All Aboard Auto Transport in response to a review By one Mike Ventura. Mike is trying to mask what his rwal intentiions were with this review here. Mike Recived 4 different quotes via email.What Mike did was choose the lowest possible Quote Named budget / economy which is clearly described as a long shot. Right in the discription it states that it is subject to availability restrictions apply. Did that stop Mike from proceeding to try to create an order from this and make a deposit payment through Pay Pal in some hope to pull a fast one on someone. Here is how it went down. I wake up on a saturday morning to start work and I see Mike had placed an order to move his 1997 Chevy Lumina from Ny to Oh. I Imediatley look over the order to make sure he placed it from the right service level. What I did notice that Mike placed an order for a service that is typically reserved for the off peak season. Now in all of my years in the business when this happens and you do not get any calls from a customer saying that they placed an order, something is fishy. So what I did was call Mike to see if we could make some sense of this and correwct any mistake ( Intentional or not). I call the number mike has provided as his contact number. Now when I was not able to reach him I leave a message saying hey Mike this Fletcher from All Aboard Auto Transport, I see you placed an order online and I like to thank you for doing so but there is a problem. I told him in this message what the problem was. Now Mike did not contact me for almost a week after I left him a voicemail. See Mikw must be under the impression that I just started doing this yesterday, guess again Mike.SO now all I can do is wait for Mike to return my call and to see if we can come to terms and get his vehicle moved for a price that is acceptable to a carrier. Now when Mike finally call me several day later. ( Mike car has a first scheduled pick up date of 6/11/2010. how he can cla

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