Tyler Sheils review for Advance Car Carrier

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  • Posted From :   Florida
  • Review Title :   Very Good Experience
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  • Rating:   5 Out of 5
  • Quote or Order ID :   Valentin Borishkevich
  • Origin :   Florida
  • Pickup :   On Time
  • Destination :   Oregon
  • Delivery :   On Time
  • Honesty :   Good
  • Knowlegeable :   Good
  • Hold Times/Promptness :   Good
  • Overall Customer Service :   Good

Review Description

Overall experience was great. Car was picked up from the dealer on the day it was supposed to be. Car arrived safe to Portland. I went directly to the facility to pick it up. Clean well run operation and the trucks looked to be in very good shape. The staff was very pleasant and they even washed the car from me. My experience was very good and I would use this company again.

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