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This company put my vehicle on the transporter backwards, causing the wind to rip off a metal Air Dam & Chrome Trim that was secured with 4 metal gromits. The air dam is to help the flow of air flow from the front to the back of the vehicle, not the opposite direction. There was nothing in my contract that advised me they would put the vehicle on backwards. Had I known they were going to do this, I would have refused the transport as any idiot would realize this would cause damage. They have refused to pay $300.00 for replacement, advising me its not their falt. First they blamed the age of the car. (26 yrs old, yet in pristine condition). Then they said I needed to get the 3 estimates to them within 24 hours, then they said the broker was responsible! The Broker did not load the vehicle on the transporter backwards, they did. I would never use these folks again & suggest you donot as they donot care about what they are transporting and they donot care if they cause damage.

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