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  • Posted From :   New Jersey
  • Review Title :   Avoid at all costs
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  • Origin :   Colorado
  • Pickup :   On Time
  • Destination :   New Jersey
  • Delivery :   On Time
  • Honesty :   Poor
  • Knowlegeable :   Poor
  • Hold Times/Promptness :   Average
  • Overall Customer Service :   Average

Review Description

Accelerated transported my new car from Colorado to New Jersey. A few days after receiving the vehicle, one of the tires went flat while driving. Removing the wheel revealed abrasion around the entire inner side of the tire. Obviously this damage wasn't visible when I inspected the car after it was unloaded. Accelerated refuses to do anything to replace the tire and insists that I should have inspected the vehicle thoroughly, even though the damage isn't visible without removing the entire wheel/tire. Terrible customer service, avoid at all costs.

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