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  • Review Title :   DO NOT USE ABDUL'S TOWING
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  • Quote or Order ID :   Rhea
  • Origin :   Washington
  • Pickup :   On Time
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Review Description

I contacted Abdul's towing to ship 3 cars - 2011 BMW 135i, 2010 BMW 335ci, 2010 Jeep Wrangler - from Blaine WA to Los Angeles CA. Pick-up was on time (Wednesday) and David Rhea (driver) was alright. However, I later noticed that he "forgot" to give me the damage check sheets for the cars. David told me that the drive takes 2.5 days, so he would be in Los Angeles Friday or Saturday. Saturday became Sunday, Sunday became Sunday night and so forth... At approx. 2pm on Sunday, David said he was at most 8 hours away and for me to be at the delivery location no later than 10pm. When I called him at 6pm to confirm, he changed the time to midnight. When I called him at 10pm, he then said to meet him at 3am, which I was obviously not willing to do, so we compromised and agreed to meet at 6am Monday morning. I woke up way earlier than I normally would (at 5:30am), and when I called David (multiple times) to confirm delivery at 6am, he did not answer his phone. I then called Abdul's towing for the next hour and finally at 7am, Abdul himself (owner) answered the phone. When I told him that David did not show and was not answering his phone he chuckled and said, "I wake early every morning, how do you like being awake so early?" I was furious and hung up the phone. David finally called me at noon and scheduled a 2pm delivery; he arrived at 3pm after several calls of "I'm only 10 minutes away." A few instances while unloading the cars: 1) The cars were unreasonably dirty (I ship cars this route annually and have never had them arrive this filthy). 2) David smoked a cigarette while lowering each car, and got in to drive the cars after just putting the cigarettes out (so the cars now smell of smoke). 3) David almost smashed one of my cars while backing it off of the truck, and when I shouted "Stop!" (right as he was only a few inches from major damage), he went on a rampage against me; he cursed every word imaginable, I have never been so disgusted in my life. As I saw it coming, I was secretly filming his rampage of swearing on my phone, so you can see it all on Youtube. In the end, my cars had a few scratches, so I mentioned them to David. He went off on me again, and after reading the other reviews about how Abdul's Towing does not pay their damages, I just took the loss and left with my cars as they were. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND AND DEFINITELY NEVER USE ABDUL'S TOWING EVER AGAIN!! I am also submitting my video to all of the local news stations, and I'm sure at least one will show it. I hope my time writing this review saves at least one person from using Abdul's Towing and having the horrid experience I had with David Rhea and Abdul.

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