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  • Review Title :   do not use AV transport
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  • Origin :   New Jersey
  • Pickup :   Late
  • Destination :   Arizona
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AV Transport was assigned as my carrier from US Auto direct (broker). Had a hard time gettnig in touch with AV tansport, I called constantly and left messages and was rarely called back, I just had to keep calling them. pickup and delivery were both late, one day it was car will be picked up this day, then they change it, then the same thing on delivery, car went from being delivered on Wednesday (maybe) to Thursday (definitely) to Friday (100%). My car was delivered with a damaged driver mirror of which the driver had no explanation for, but at the same time he meticulously noted every little scratch, chip, etc on the car, but why would he not inspect the mirrors. Furthermore, he goes on to tell me that he never touched the mirrors. However, the car was put on the truck with mirrors closed, but when the transporter arrived, the mirrors were open to their normal position. I ask dthe driver how this happened and he said it was the wind. I showed the mirror damage to the driver, let him touch it to see how damaged it was and he just had nothing to say about it besides the selling dealer must've done it and he never inspected the mirrors. After discussing the damage with the carrier he was unwilling to help and said he woudl call the selling dealer to dicuss and call me back, but he did not call me back, nor would he/his wfe return any calls to discuss the damage. I would not recommend this shipper to anyone due to company not being responsible for damage they incurred to my vehicle, lack of communication, and unwillingness to discuss anything after car was delivered. Stay away. Please note that fee I noted above includes a $150 broker fee. Please note as well that they have 2 reviews on this site that are almost exactly identical with a 4 start ranking, but from 2 different people, hmmm, seems odd.

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