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  • Review Title :   Absolute Liars!
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Review Description

I had an absolutely dreadful experience with AAA Anytime, and I feel compelled to share my terrible experience with others. This company is an absolute sham, and I strongly advise anyone considering their services to look elsewhere. First and foremost, AAA Anytime blatantly lied about owning their own vehicles and being a reputable auto transportation service. I contacted them for assistance with transporting my vehicle, and the gentleman on the phone assured me that they had their own fleet of vehicles and were not just a broker. I was promised exceptional customer support and a smooth process from start to finish. However, the moment they received my payment, everything changed. It was like night and day. The same gentleman who had promised me the world suddenly became evasive and refused to assist me in any way. It was as though he had vanished into thin air. Multiple attempts to contact AAA Anytime were met with utter silence. They would not answer calls, respond to emails, or provide any form of customer support. To make matters even worse, the delivery of my vehicle was significantly delayed. When the time finally came to pick up my car, the treatment I received from AAA Anytime was appalling. They were unbelievably rude to the dealership during the pickup process, to the point where the dealership was on the verge of refusing to release my vehicle to them. It was a complete embarrassment and further cemented the unprofessionalism of AAA Anytime. In summary, AAA Anytime is a deceitful and unreliable company. They falsely claim to own their own vehicles and refuse to provide any form of customer support once they have your money. Their lack of professionalism and integrity is astounding, and I strongly recommend avoiding them at all costs. There are plenty of reputable auto transportation services out there, and AAA Anytime is certainly not one of them. Save yourself the headache and choose a different company for your vehicle transport needs.

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