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  • Review Title :   Poor Customer Service And Communication
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  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

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This company is all about over promise under deliver… my pickup was scheduled for 3/24-3/28/2022. I was told the latest pickup date would be 3/28/2022. As the date rolled around I waited all day with no communication I called the company and they immediately blamed the truck driver and said he was running late in Vermont and they would call me back. They never did. I called back and they stated it would now be Wednesday 3/30/2022 for pickup. So I waited to hear. As the date arrived the same story… no communication, after several calls were put in to AAA anytime they stated it would be Thursday as the driver has issues with the truck. Thursday 3/31/2022 and again same story… nothing , I had to yet again call and find out what was going on with my transport.. and they now stated it would be Friday 4/1/2022 morning. The truck driver arrived at the dealer after 1 pm.. he picked the vehicle up and started his drive to Indiana. The truck was delivered to my house on Saturday 4/2/2021 at 11:15 pm… which I find ridiculous I had to wait that late in the night for the truck to arrive which was originally suppose to arrive at 6-7pm. The truck driver told the dealership that would be the arrival. Regardless I understand things happen and the truck driver was professional and polite. However this company dropped the ball huge… the are piss poor on customer service and very quick to collect FULL payment upfront. Do your homework folks.. it’s not worth the stress with this company , go with someone who can communicate and appreciates the business. They also claim to be affiliated with AAA and they are not.. misleading from the start. They will NOT honor their contract and they will not call you back when they claim they will. I put in anywhere from 10-15 calls in this process and I never once received a call back from them.

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