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  • Quote or Order ID :   Hopkins
  • Origin :   Oregon
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  • Destination :   North Carolina
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You guys are really a piece of work. After these people just got done Reporting to transport Reviews to have my last post removed and say that they didn't even know me but somehow know me when my post gets put back up. Are now trying to say that i refused service? They never called and said they had a driver on the way they called and said they could get someone out for a extra $500.Now because i refuse to pay $500 that means i refuse service. Please show me something i signed or made a statement where i said i canceled??? These people are truly the biggest bunch of bull I have ever seen. As far as happy valley being a small town this is not true. Happy Valley is Portland OR Look it up on a map! And Portland is not that small and does alot of business. So i now have took my business to Great people they treat you with respect, they have a tracking on your car so you can keep tabs on it, i placed my order on Friday the 10th my van was picked up on Monday the 13th and will be here Thursday. Also the people at helped me locate all their info. I cannot stress enough DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY!!!! What these people do is quote you a low price take your deposit and then when you start asking about your vehicle they treat you like crap ( and i mean name calling and hanging up in your face no joke read all the other post below) and then when you ask about a refund they say no and cancel your order and dont answer their phone to you anymore. I posted my last post below and their response so you can see what these people said. I'm in the process of taking these people to court. Not only do they not have any proof of what they said like me canceling my order but they also don't have anything i signed saying i dont get a refund. They just took my money and ran and any attorney can prove that in court. Also I have statements from alot of others i have been compiling on here

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Title    :     I am a victim
Rebuttal    :     This just happened to me with the same people Lisa and Paul.
Posted By     :      Helen
Date               :     14-07-2011

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