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  • Origin :   Florida
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THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY THERE IS FOR TRANSPORTATION.. wait.. just worst company THERE IS! They are not only fraudulent, but sneaky, suspicious, rude liars. Paul, oh good old Paul, is a jerk who stole our deposit, and we called him for 6 days straight wondering when they were going to pick up our car. Not only did he never call us back, I know he NEVER INTENDED TO SHIP OUR CAR. We called from a different number, and what do you know!.. he answered. Conversation follows: Me: Hello, Paul? Paul: Yes. Me: Hi, this is "my name".. I've been trying to call you for 6 days. Paul: Oh how weird (sarcastic tone). Where have we been? Me: I don't know. You picked up the first time from a different number. Paul: That's nuts. (sarcastic tone) Me: Yeah, I'll be asking for a refund for our deposit. You never intended to perform the services. Paul: No refunds. Me: My bank will dispute it and get it back. Paul: Yeah too bad you'll LOSE! Bye bye! No joke that was the conversation and no joke this is a fraudulent company. If any one knows how to get this company TO BE SHUT DOWN please let me know.

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