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  • Review Title :   SCAM!!!!!
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  • Quote or Order ID :   101325-HN
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Review Description

My purpose for writing this review is to inform people that AA All*Star Discount Auto Transport, Inc is a complete scam. This is my experience with them. I needed to ship my car, and a “woman” by the name of “Lisa Cooper” gave me an extremely low quote. Of course I was a bit skeptical, so I called their number, 888-896-2938, to confirm the quote and ask a few questions. I hadn’t checked out any reviews at this point. A man answered the phone, and immediately started talking (he would not let me get a word in edge wise). He asked me for my quote number, 101325-HN, and he confirmed the price. I told him that I needed to discuss this with someone before entering into a contract (I also wanted to check out some reviews as I always do before doing business with any company). At this point, he flew off the handle. He told me that I needed to enter the contract NOW, and if I didn’t the price would go up. I tried to respond but he kept speaking over me. The last thing he said before rudely hanging up on me was “Hey, what do I know, I’ve only been doing this for 33 years.” Upset, I wanted to call back and give this man a piece of my mind. However, after reading some reviews, I decided that this was not the type of individual I could have a reasonable conversation with. Instead I decided to email. Below I have copied and pasted our email exchange. Clearly, no legitimate company would ever respond to any potential costumer/costumer this way. IT’S A COMPLETE SCAM. EMAIL EXCHANGE: “LISA COOPERS” RESPONSE- please go elsewhere people like you I would ship a goldfish for, let alone move your car for you!!!!!!!!! BITCH , REVIEWS ARE FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 4:20 PM, Ashley Sims <> wrote: Thank you for reassuring my concerns. Clearly you are an uneducated and chemically unbalanced con-artist. I will be sure to mention this email when i report you, as well as include this email on websites were i can post reviews. I am not sure how many people you have been able to con, but i will do my part in making sure you are not able to continue doing so. I hope your next response further reassures the type of scam you are running, as well as the type person you are. Wow, such a shame there are people like you in the world. keep it classy (: -Ashley Sims -----Original Message----- From: Lisa Cooper To: Ashley Sims <> Sent: Tue, Aug 7, 2012 3:42 pm Subject: Re: COMPLAINT! “LISA COOPERS” RESPONSE: Think you are a scam oh, and an asshole too On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 2:01 PM, Ashley Sims <> wrote: Hi, I called your "company" earlier today to ask about a quote i received. I was a little skeptical about the price. After being aggressively spoken to and rudely hung up on by a man, i decided to read some reviews on your "company." What i discovered was not so surprising considering the lack of professionalism i received over the phone and your extremely low shipping price. Your "company" is a complete scam and i WILL be REPORTING you. Have a pleasant day, Ashley Sims I am sure that “Lisa Cooper” or whatever other name this creep goes by will deny all of my allegations as well as the authenticity of the emails. This creep will probably try to turn the situation around on me. If anyone has any doubts that these emails are real, you can respond and I will gladly forward these emails to you in order to verify their authenticity. Fortunately, this idiot is the dumbest con-artist I have ever come across; he let me know what kind of game he was playing about 5 seconds into the phone call. Thankfully, he didn’t get a dime out of me. Any positive reviews posted are fake I’m sure. I only wish that all buyers would read reviews on companies before doing business. This experience has reminded me to do just that. The individual running the show is a real weirdo, so I would stay far away AA All*Star Discount Auto Transport, Inc.

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