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  • Review Title :   DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!
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Review Description

First off let me start off by saying I NEVER do reviews, but this experience warrants a review. What an awful experience, I am moving to Chicago, from southern california looking for a good deal to ship my honda crv and I was quoted $599.00 via email. $299.00 deposit on credit card, and $300 due upon delivery. That is what he quoted me and we agreed on. So, I was a go on this. I called Paul the next morning and he was very rude asking me, "why are you calling me? It's only been 12 hours, you cannot call me and ask what the status of your order is after only 12 hours!" I couldn't get one word in. I then said in a very annoyed voice, "I just wanted to know because my uncle would be the one who was having to take care of this." (I was leaving before my car, so I thought). Then, they send me a confirmation email saying I owed $400 due upon delivery, so I thought that was a little fishy, them changing the quote we agreed on. So, I call Bambi and she tells me oh that must have been a glitch or something. She then emailed me back with the correct quote and updated it. Then, I do not hear anything from them for 3 days so I call Paul again, he tells me he has not heard from any drivers yet and that he would contact me when he does. Seemed yet again very upset and offput that I call to find out what the deal is with this order. HELLO?! I'M THE CUSTOMER!!! I can call five times a day to find out what's going on, I payed you $299 and you aren't being very responsive to my needs. So, Paul then calls me a couple hours later informing me they have a truck that can pick up my car on saturday july 14, and the driver wants $700 due upon delivery. I told him "um, excuse me? We agreed on $300 due upon delivery." He then goes on some rant about how, "I do not understand the business and that this is how it goes. The driver is in control, you may think you are in control but you are in fact not. He then came up with the analogy of this is an election and there are different candidates and no one has been elected" I had no idea what he was even talking about. Not only were they rude over the phone, but when I called him or emailed him about refunding my money he told me, there are no refunds, and that I needed to read the terms and conditions. I then told him they hadn't done anything I paid for goods that I never received. He then told me in a sarcastic tone, that, "you're right we did nothing, we only called the drivers" Yea, so what you picked up a phone and told them you had a potential order. This guy Paul was a real jerk over the phone. DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY! I have contacted my credit card company to get my $299 back for the services they never provided me with. I cannot believe companies think they can treat customers like this.

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