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  • Review Title :   Lies and false promises!!
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  • Origin :   Florida
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Review Description

Initially got the total cost of $899 $299 deposit =$1198 to ship 2004 Chevy Trailblazer from Port Orange, FL to Beallevue, WA. I listed my first available date as 5/21/12 and my tickets to fly out we're 5/23. I asked Mr. Baldwin if the pick up date will be an issue...."I can guarantee you a driver and that date should not be an issue at all." I had to call him several times as the date of pick up was approaching closer. Half the time they didn't answer or return calls even after leaving a voicemail. Once I finally got him on the line "calling me several times won't get you a driver any faster..." I only did because I wasn't kept in the loop nor informed that there is no driver available to take my SUV. I payed the deposit well in advance and it seemed like that's all they cared about. I need up leaving my keys with a friend as a last resort as I didn't know when or even if my car would ever be picked up...around this time I'm getting more frustrated with this man feeding me BS about how he's working as fast as he can to find me a driver!! Eventually I get a call saying "I have a driver for you but he's asking $1600 at dilevry. He's the only driver heading in your direction and is willing to take your car." I had no choice but to agree at the price since I needed my car in WA ASAP. Baldwin and his assistant only kept in touch till I signed the new/updated contract, $1899 total new amount up from $1198!!! Luckily I saw the drivers contact number in the email and I started the initial conversation with the driver. Baldwin promised the car would be picked up on 5/29 but the drivers words were "I don't know why he said that to you, I'm still in Kentucky right now and won't be able to pick up till 5/31." Luckily the driver covered ground quick and my car got picked up on the 30th and the driver kept in touch with me throughout the entire process. I cannot blame the drivers in this case and this is not my first time shipping my car across country, but I do know for sure that I will NEVER use AA all star whatever again!!! I also plan on filing a complaint against this so called company to the BBB. I just wish Paul Baldwin would've been up front and honest with me from the very beginning and I could've happily found another transportation company to ship my car. Stop making promises that you have no control over you lying scumbag!! My car is on it's way and is expected be delivered a day early than expected, and I thank the driver for updating me constantly.

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