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  • Review Title :   Paul Baldwin is a FREAK
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I went on line for a free rate quote and Paul was the first to respond with a great quote. I called back and let him know that I responded because he was so diligent and quick- but that I needed to check on the status of my car before I could commit and asked if he had sent a quote to my email. He then said...and I quote "Don't bother calling us back" and HUNG UP. I thought surely he misunderstood me so I called back to explain that I just needed to check my vehicle to make sure it was in good runnng condition before I shipped it...I never even got that much out- he is completely out of touch with reality and customer service. He began arguing with me that they don't need my business and I don't understand the way shipping works ...I have never been spoken to like that by anyone with no provocation. He is clearly CRAZY and he must own the company...because any responsible owner would never hire someone like this. My whole office heard him on the phone with me. Do Not Reward this company by giving them business... See prior reviews by others. NOT a Good way to promote your business Paul... You must be a very wealthy man to feel so confident to push business away. The reality behind my being so offended- is that he just delighted in provoking an argument. Never saw anything like it.

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