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This was my first (and last) time shipping a car!! Wish I would have done my research!!! I was quoted 499 and on 3/12 I place a deposit of 299. They quickly credited my account (on 3/14). At first I had no issues contacting them. A week went by, no action, two weeks - nothing. I called and spoke with Lisa, she stated she did not know why it was taking so long. This was on a monday, she said it usually takes 3-5 days to schedule a driver, so she would try to find something by wednesday and she would call me back. Well, I didn't get that call, so I called friday. Paul answered and was very rude!! He has NO concept of customer service, which I told Lisa if he acted like that it would be best that he doesn't answer the phone. Well I waited and waited, no calls emails or any response from the company. I called again, this time Paul hung up in my face and refused to give me any further information. I called for the next few days consistently, but they refused to answer my calls. I sent email, no respopnse. Finally mid April, I had enough!! I went to my bank and made a dispute. About a week ago, I received notice from my bank that they had credited $75 to my account. At this point we are at a month of my order being placed.I called to see wahat answers I could get, Paul answered, was VERY rude, stating that I wanted a chargeback and there was nothing more he had to discuss with me. But before he hung up in my face (again) he mentioned, oh yea you will have another fee charged. If I had to wait a month for my vehicle to be picked up, who wouldn't want their money back. Of course they refused to give me my money back. As I speak, my husband is driving the car back fgrom Ohio. Lesson learned, and I share knowledge!! Do NOT hire these people, you will lose with them on your team!!!!!!!

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