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I had received several quotes from different companies, this one of course being the cheapest, for good reason. It is a scam. Their goal is to get your deposit. After that, they don't care what happens. I made the mistake of trusting this con-artist named Paul. I then got on line and stumbled on this website showing a multitude of complaints. If that doesn't make you wonder, I'm not sure what will. I then found another company and chose to go with them. I called him back immediately and asked him to cancel. He said Ok. When I checked my bank account later that day, I found that he charged me $398, which was not even the agreed upon downpayment. When I called him back, he said he already called drivers and so was charging me for that service. If it's legal to make $400 to make a phone call, then I'm in the wrong business. I told him I'd be reporting him to the Better Business Bureau, and he said, "Oh, I don't care about that." For your sake, do not go with this company, you will be sorry. Good Luck.

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