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  • Review Title :   Disgusted, Appalled, Outraged...I Hope This Company Gets What They Deserve
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basically, my experience is just another in a series of horrible, despicable events that have occurred with this company (and i use that term loosely); i really wish that they would read these reviews, even though they probably could care less; anyways my nightmare began when i found them to be the cheapest rate out there..and i so regret it cuz i paid through the nose in the end because of these crooks; so they quoted me 550 to take my car from Palm Beach, FL to Marlboro, NJ and they said it would take 4-5 days maximum...YEAH RIGHT; so first they said they would pick it up from my home and when that date arrived surprise surprise no one came; so i called them and they said "no one can come today..

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