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  • Review Title :   Worst Experience
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  • Delivery :   Early
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  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

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CARMOVES is most likely one of the most unprofessional companies that I have worked with. If I would not have called near daily to check the status of pick-up, I would have not found out that they had no intention of transporting my vehicle at the price they quoted. When I called, I asked why they had not expressed concern earlier than the day of pick-up. The sales rep (TJ) stated that I had just "slipped through the cracks". Needless to say I hired another auto transport company and am now attempting to get my $200 back. I was told that the $200 down payment would secure the price and date windows...I guess not the case. CARMOVES made no attempt to honor either. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. They brag about being in business for 29 years...it is in the best interest of the public that they not be in business for 30 years.

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