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  • Review Title :    will recommend these guys to anyone moving a vehicle.
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I greatly recommend Number 1 Auto Transport!! They are amazing. This was my was my first time shipping my car to another state(from California to Louisiana) I had ordered a car shipment with another company for two weeks and was never picked up, the order went a week past the pick up date I requested :/ … Number 1 Auto knew about my situation and guaranteed they could have a driver pick up my car within 2-3 days!! They definitely delivered because I placed the order on a Wednesday and a driver came to pick up my car the following Friday. Placing the order was extremely easy as well, they walked me through the entire process on the phone and answered all of my questions in an extremely friendly manner! Going forward I will definitely use Number 1 Auto Transport to ship my car and order a shipment with 2 weeks advance notice. “

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