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Tow Max Transport
1927 Bolado Pkwy ,Cape Coral,FL,33990

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Type  :  Carrier

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   Tow Max Transport Reviews

Subject  :  disaster
Review  : 
the truck was delivered with a broken windshield mirror and right fender . the hood opened in the highway and destroy my truck the company decided not to be responsible for any damage see u in court save yourself time and money and call other company  (more)
Posted by  :  leonardo vila
Date  :  07/11/14
Rating  : 
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Response  :  This gentleman purchased a salvage INOP truck with damage all around. He never told us truck did not run. When driver went to deliver he wanted to blame driver for damages that were already there when we loaded. This customer wanted a free transport. He never paid us and till this day still owes us.   (more)
Subject  :  bad business bad customer serivce never again
Review  : 
I just want to say that this is the last transport agency i would recomend anyone. They first beg you and treat you real good when they want your business. Then they picked up my car 4days late then afterwards obce they got your delivery they dont care to answer the phone they delivered the car 3days late and never  (more)
Posted by  :  glenda
Date  :  11/12/12
Rating  : 
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0 Favors / 0 Rejects
Response  :  This is not our customer. Must be confused with other Towmax company also in FL.   (more)
Subject  :  unacceptable
Review  : 
horible contact for details  (more)
Posted by  :  cfd3
Date  :  02/09/11
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
0 Favors / 1 Rejects
Response  :  Dont know who this person is or why they posted this review. No explanation   (more)

Subject  :  best transport
Review  : 
After being totally screwed over by Country Wide I contacted Kurt and he had the car picked up the smae day and delivered in the am. He is fantastic to do business with when shipping. The communication was top notch!  (more)
Posted by  :  Edwin
Date  :  05/29/10
Rating  : 
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Subject  :  They are AWESOME!
Review  : 
This was the first time I had a vehicle transported and they made it super simple and completely stress free!! Tow Maxs' customer service girls were always very expert but personable. They had the answers to all my questions and were very supportive. The driver was very professional, on time, and extremely polite. I would always recommend them to all  (more)
Posted by  :  arun
Date  :  10/27/09
Rating  : 
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Total Review  : 5
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