User Agreement: Important Information for Setup fee
  • The setup fee is a onetime cost that you would have to pay to associate your company to the TRS Quotes system. After paying the setup fee, your company will be activated on the same
  • The setup fee is non refundable under any condition. Even in the event of Transportrankings discontinuing the TRS Quotes system.
  • If your company is inactive for a period of 31 calendar days or more, you will have to pay an additional set up fee to reactivate your account.
General Terms:
  • There is no obligation to a minimum contract. Billing is done on a monthly basis. If you wish to cancel your companies association, you can do so
    a) Through your paypal account.
    b) By calling our customer care representative on 1-(714)-516-8845 or 1-(832)-675-9636 and have them cancel your payment.
  • Transportrankings reserves all rights to engage in any business activity with any entity of its choosing. Similarly it also reserves all rights to detach or terminate any business dealings with any entity without prior notice.
  • Transportrankings reserves all right to change its prices at any point of time after giving a notice period of no less than seven calendar working days.
For any queries, Contact: 1-(714)-516-8845 or 1-(832)-675-9636

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