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This company is a "FRONT" and FRAUD. Mr Eugene Allen is DISHONEST and lies, provides FALSE pickup information and then gets offended when you call him on his own emails, quotes. He blocks phone numbers as soon as you send funds; He blocks emails once you are past the contracted "window" for pick up. Basically you have no way of contacting company, once funds are sent. MILITARY BEWARE ** this company PREYs on military with the Veterans statements and logos. He gives you "false" names of people to contact and numbers that don't exist. Mr Eugene Allen claims they have own trucks; reality is they use the National Bulletin Board just like 99% of other companies. They low ball the bid on Bulletin Board and keep the deposit for themselves - effectively making your vehicle movement unattractive to truckers. Three weeks after the contract dates expired, we were still getting automated emails saying, a "truck should be on its way to your location any day"... 17 days past the original 15 day window i switched companies (MAGIC CARPET) and had car across country in 5 days. This company has changed names (HAULAWAY, Your Car Movers Inc, Auto-Shipping-Transport) this is NOT the same as "Door to Door Transport" (that has 5 star ratings); this is Door to Door AUTO Transport. Company lists address in Las Vegas, NV; Legal contracts all have FLORIDA as company point of orgin; Phone numbers and email come out of CALIFORNIA with false ID. Email address is a spoof address. Company is a front - nothing ever moved with auto and deposit never returned (because the numbers he gives out for the financial department don't exist). Filed BBB complaints; Small Claims court proceedings and Legal complaints with Las Vegas and FBI (due to cross state domain) for this company. But before they can be LEGALLY put out of business wanted to WARN folks not to use them.

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