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Malone Trucking
708 County Route 7,Hannibal,NY ,13074-2348
(315) 564-6784

Email Address  : Reach us at
MC Number  :  None
Type  :  Carrier

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   Malone Trucking Reviews

Subject  :  Friendly transaction:
Review  : 
During past year I had transaction with few other companies and the services were normally rated. Later I was referred here by my friend. They very professional, very knowledgeable, Friendly and handled my order so well. Personally I feel, no one can provide better service than what they given to me.  (more)
Posted by  :  S Brown
Date  :  08/20/10
Rating  : 
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Subject  :  Wonderful transaction:
Review  : 
Good transaction. Ended up happily with zero defects. Quality service is offered by the company.All the customers are happily meeting them during my first meet to the company. Was skeptical in the beginning but slowly built confidence on them through their caring words. Thanks for the wonderful transaction.  (more)
Posted by  :  Jackson
Date  :  07/19/10
Rating  : 
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Total Review  : 2
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