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Submitted by  Jose  from  Texas :

Subject : Very dishonest business? Beware will keep your money!

Well it all started with a call from Kate from State by State Transporters offering to pick up my F250 from Florida. I spoke with Kate over the phone and told her I needed that truck to be picked up within that same week to which she replied that if I went ahead and signed the contract they would pick it up within that time frame. Well that time came and passed and my truck wasn't picked up. They did not return most of my emails and the ones they did they supposedly had someone on their way when I had yet heard of a driver. 10 days passed and on about the 12th day I finally get a call form a driver asking for more time which was unacceptable. I cancelled my transaction and had a friend pick up the truck instead after I had quite a bit of storage fee I owed due to State by State's bad service. I called and spoke with someone at their office and explained to them the situation and they said they had mailed me a check. All this taking place back in February mind you. Well call after call was met with excuse after excuese from "The check is in the mail and headed your way" to "we sent the check to the wrong address well cancel and mail you a new one" Was even given a voucher number ( #6524) Well I finally got tired of getting the runaround and opened up a case with the better business bureau almost 3 months of hassling with these people. I just don't understand how a business will burn themselves over a $175.00 deposit they decide to keep for a service they never provided. Steer clear of these individuals and if you still decide to do business with them DO NOT believe a word that comes out of their mouth. Make sure you get everything in writing, pickup dates and everything, as they are known for their dishonesty. Don't just take my word for it do a little research and you'll see there are many others going through what I am. Matter fact this is a quote taken from the Better Buisness Bureau's web site "Our files contain a pattern of complaints from consumers alleging State by State Transporters fails to secure a driver, per broker agreement. These consumers have also reported difficulties receiving a refund from State by State Transporters."  (more)

Sent  : 05/09/13,12:22:06 AM
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Submitted by  Andre Whitaker  from  Tennessee :

Subject : Took my Money no delivery

The broker took a deposit of 150.00 and didnot pick my car up on the day they were to pick it up I tried to contact them for 3or 4 days no luck the pick up date was Jan 14th 2013 I had another co pick my car up on Jan 22nd Dilevered on 23rd of jan I want my deposit back as the co did not live yp to their bargen  (more)

Sent  : 03/18/13,17:55:48 AM
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Submitted by  Brett Kelien  from  Indiana :

Subject : Took my money but not my car

Miguel took my money but never moved my car . Anyone can post how great this service is and I am sure they did this to get others to give them money as well. I finally got my car home by using Eagle Transport. Which he claimed he was going to use. Go figure.  (more)

Sent  : 07/22/12,13:15:23 AM
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Submitted by  Reynold  from  California :

Subject : So pleased!

Having shipped with other companies, I would like to say this one of the best. State By State Transporters Inc keeps in touch with you at all times, keeps you up to date on your vehicle. Picked my vehicle up on time and delivered it on time. Forget the rest and use State By State Transporters Inc, you will be pleased.  (more)

Sent  : 07/16/12,06:57:40 AM
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Submitted by  Amara Mansaray  from  Pennsylvania :

Subject : Excellent Service

I search through the website and got over 20 quotes for shipping my 1994 Toyota camry car from Atlanta Georgia to Collingdale Pennsylvania. I chose SBS Transporters Inc. because of it reasonable price quote. The trailer GPS cannot locate my address, but the driver was constantly communicating with from the time of pick up, up dating me about the shipment and delivered at my place as scheduled. The service was excellent. (more)

Sent  : 07/13/12,17:19:57 AM
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Submitted by  Jacob  from  Texas :

Subject : Poor Communication

I shipped my truck from Maryland to Texas. Miles with State-by-State assured me that my truck would be picked up within an agreed upon two day window. I would be fliying out the next morning and would not be able to meet with the driver if the pick up arrived late. I signed a contract for a $100 deposit and $750 COD. A total of $850. On the last day of the pickup I heard nothing from the driver or state-by-state. I contacted state-by-state and was given the drivers contact information and was told to call. When I reached the driver she informed me that she contacted state-by-state the day before to inform them that she would not be able to pick up my truck. I called State-by-state back and they guarranteed pickup on the following monday two days from the original pickup date. I understand things happen so I made arrangements for my truck to be picked up that following monday. My truck was not picked up until Wednesday evening. When the driver arrived in Texas he asked to collect $925 COD. $175 dollars more than what my contract was originally. Max Seymour told that me he would ask the regional manager, Lance James, to give me a call today. I have yet to hear from anyone at State-by-State. Better communication would be nice. I would not reccomend this broker for shipping a vehicle. There are many others I would take my chances with if I had to do it over again. Jacob  (more)

Sent  : 07/12/12,16:26:39 AM
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Submitted by  RobertM  from  California :

Subject : Highly recommended

I chose State By State Transporters Inc to ship my Corvette from California to NJ. Like a lot of Corvette owners, I am quite fond of my car and was very concerned about transporting it across country. We had a one day window for pick up and they made it happen! They were very professional, thorough and friendly. The way they handled my car demonstrated to me that they were accustomed to accommodating high-end sports cars. My car was handled with care and arrived free of any damage. Highly recommended (more)

Sent  : 07/10/12,03:28:53 AM
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Submitted by  MortonB  from  California :

Subject : Great company

This is the second time that I have used State By State Transporters Inc and have been VERY happy with both transports. Max is great to work with and extremely flexible. He has great resources that got both deliveries quick. Will always rely on State By State Transporters Inc. (more)

Sent  : 06/29/12,06:16:54 AM
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Submitted by  Winchell  from  California :

Subject : Thank you

Thank you for making this so easy and effortless on our part. Car made it here before my son! I will remember your company if we have a need to transport an auto in the future. (more)

Sent  : 06/15/12,05:35:09 AM
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Submitted by  U.S. Soldier  from  Florida :

Subject : 66 Ford Mustang

State-By-State got hold of my information through another website. They sent me a quote by email to move my car. I talked to them briefly over the phone and told them that i would consider them but had other offers that I was looking into. I ended up going with another company. They called me concerned cause my car was listed as being ready to be moved by state-by-state. When i called state-by-state to ask them to remove it since they were not the ones moving the vehicle and had never been given permission or asked to move the car. They proceded to yell at me and tell me that they could list my vehicle regarless of what i said and that they would not pull it down. Thereby making it harder for my broker to move the vehicle. They also proceded to lie to me repeatedly about information and then changed there story to it was never posted up there. All in all never use this company. They claim to be military friendly and support our troops, but take it from a soldier in the Army they very much do not. (more)

Sent  : 06/09/12,11:43:43 AM
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Submitted by  Reece  from  Florida :

Subject : happy about my entire experience

I had my son go online for me and give me a phone number to call to have my car shipping from Florida to Illinois. I called State By State Transporters Inc and the person I spoke with took my info down and told me I would get 4 premium quotes for this transport. Within the hour I got all for phone calls. I ended up picking the third call because he sounded nice and honest on the phone and walked me through how the processed worked. I am happy that I got a few separate quotes and happy about my entire experience. Thank You  (more)

Sent  : 06/05/12,04:08:57 AM
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Submitted by  Graham James  from  California :

Subject : I want to thank State By State Transporters Inc

I was searching for a company to transport my vehicle. Went to a website and I got 10 quotes. I picked a company from there and after a week they still didn’t get it picked up. I searched again and found State By State Transporters Inc. I spoke with Max on the phone and he assured me that the companies he was providing my information to were some of the best companies in the US. He even told me not to go for a quote less a certain price because it wouldn’t get moved. I got 8 responses and I chose one company because of their presentation over the phone. They had it picked up the next day and delivered as scheduled. I want to thank State By State Transporters Inc for taking the time to explain everything. (more)

Sent  : 05/28/12,05:04:23 AM
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Submitted by  Luba F.  from  New York :


I contacted State by State Transporters (SBS) on April 19 and was quoted $590 ($100 to SBS, $490 to the driver) by Carl Johnson to transport my 2001 Toyota Sienna minivan from Florida to New York. The car was supposed to be picked up on Saturday, May 12 and I was supposed to be contacted on Friday, May 11. Kelly from SBS subsequently confirmed the pick-up date and the price. Not hearing from anyone on May 11, I attempted to contact State by State via a phone call and e-mail and received no response until Sunday, May 13 (a day after the car was supposed to be picked up) where Mr. Seymour wrote the following: Hi, Im the fleet manager with SBS Transporters. We received your email and in regards to your shipment, we are still waiting on a driver to accept the load at a cheaper price. We will get back with you as soon as we can get the driver to accept it for the negotiated price of $590 and $490 c.o.d. to the drivera. And later that evening, another e-mail from Mr. Seymour stating I would recommend you raise it (the price) by 300 because nobody at this price got accepted in the last two months.a If nobody got accepted at this price in the last two months, why quote the price in the first place if not to bait & switch. I replied that $300 increase is not acceptable, but would be willing to go for $100 more, so $600 c.o.d. to the driver. Kelly contacted me on Tuesday, May 16 and told me that she can get a driver for $650 to which I said no, $650 is too much and Kelly said ok, I will try to get at $600a. On Wednesday, May 17 I received a phone call from Kelly telling me that she found a driver and my Sienna will be picked up Thursday or Friday. On Friday, I was contacted by the driver who informed me that he ran into some problems and will pick up the car on Saturday. He was in contact with me throughout his trip and on Monday, May 21 delivered my car to me, but said the c.o.d. to him was $700. The $700 c.o.d. was never discussed or agreed to. I contacted SBS and began a 45 minute run-around telling me that the price increase due to Sienna being a minivan (it was always a minivan, so should not be a surprise), I misunderstood when they quoted me the price, etc. Meanwhile, the driver said if I dont give him $700 he will put the car back on the truck and proceed with his other deliveries. I ended up paying the extra $100 in extortion money just to have my car 1 week later than promised. I promptly contacted my credit card company to dispute the $100 SBS charge and did what I should have done originally I went on the Better Business Bureau site. Not surprisingly, State by State has a D rating on the A+ to F scale. Again, CONSUMER BEWARE. (more)

Sent  : 05/22/12,14:30:42 AM
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Submitted by  martin terrell  from  North Carolina :

Subject : Excellent

Max saved us money by providing a safe way for our car to be delivered before we reached our destination. He arranged for the driver to leave the car in the hotel's care until our arrival two days later. Our car arrived without any damage and we were well pleased. (more)

Sent  : 02/09/12,17:08:28 AM
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Submitted by  James  from  Florida :

Subject : Great service

I spoke with max at state by state and he got me the best rate. car was pick up and delivered on time. great service. will use again (more)

Sent  : 02/09/12,13:17:27 AM
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