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Estes Express Lines - Review

Transport Rankings Review   For  Estes Express Lines
Submitted by  Michael Rycroft  from  California :

Subject : Never use this company

Never use this company. They were supposed to ship me a spin bike from Seattle to San Francisco - somehow it ended up in Chicago. It takes some incredibly incompetent staff and some serious lack of security to send a package that size to the other side of the country. When it finally did arrive in San Francisco I tried to arrange delivery and had to beg to get a delivery time of 8am to 12pm. Needless to say it did not arrive by 12. I called the company and they said that they would get it here by 1:30pm. By this time I had lost patience and I cancelled the whole order and told the company that I had ordered through to refund my money and get their property back from Estes themselves. After it having been shipped all around the country I was not feeling confident that the product would be in working order. The whole experience was extremely frustrating. I cannot understand how a company that bombards you with propaganda about their high levels of service every time you are waiting on hold cannot apologize for the mistake of sending your product across the other side of the country and guarantee you delivery first thing the next morning, instead Estes just give you a 4 hour window like everyone else. Mistakes happen, I get it, but it's how you deal with putting things right. Estes just don't seem to grasp basic customer service. The girl that I spoke to in the San Francisco terminal - Laura - all but blamed me for the package not getting to me earlier because I took a while to return her missed call - unbelievable.  (more)

Sent  : 12/28/12,19:34:12 AM
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Submitted by    from  Pennsylvania :

Subject : Never again!

Horrible service! Now over 2 hours late and customer service was rude when I complained. She stated that the time frame was just a rough estimate. The time frame was 6 hours! Debating whether to cancel all together.  (more)

Sent  : 09/12/12,16:07:12 AM
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Submitted by  Gem  from  California :

Subject : Horrible shipper

Bought 500 pounds of products from Closetmaid. First day it was scheduled for delivery be Estes express, it didn't come. Second day it was scheduled for delivery, didn't come. The dispatcher said they forgot. Today, product finally canine but driver was totally unprepared. Said he coudn't get palate up my driveway and he "wasn't going to hurt his back." he offered to take the stuff back or dump it at driveway. I had to hire 3 men to bring this order into my home. My experience with this company was horrible.  (more)

Sent  : 09/10/12,17:16:15 AM
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Submitted by    from  Colorado :

Subject : terrible

I would avoid this company at all costs, they lied about arrival date, lost our package, a 4x8 pallet weighing 600lbs, couldn't find it had to be reshipped from supplier. When we called looking for our order the customer service Lady was super rude and hung up on us, terrible company if you can avoid them do so at all costs  (more)

Sent  : 08/17/12,13:18:27 AM
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Submitted by  Fishin' Huntin' guy  from  Montana :

Subject : Sucking from the start...

I purchased a gun safe from I received a tracking number that did not work. Costco sent me a number that worked, as it got me to an Estes site that gave some limited information (item waiting to be picked up in Riverside, CA) but was missing other information (cannot determine delivery date). I contacted Estes using the contac infromation on the site and from there began a frustrating series of exchange, ending with "Our records show the freight was not tendered to Estes." B.S. Why do I have a working tracking number, etc.? Costco is very together (minus using these guys to ship my item), so I very much doubt that the screw up is there. I have folks investigating the matter now. My safe better show up undamaged, or I am refusing it, Estes. Then Costco won't be using you much longer. (more)

Sent  : 06/06/12,23:30:37 AM
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Submitted by    from  :

Subject : Worst Company Ever to have your freight go though or even work for

Rob Estes is a greedy asshole doesnt care nothing about the customers just his pockets full of money and takes it any way he can along with his counter part with in the company. One reason freight gets messed up is do to the way Estes treats there employees they do give two xenta about them. They take money from them as they please do not provide any type of support for them. They treat there dockworkers a scum. So in the long run tgat is thw true reason behind freight getting messed up and poor customers. Bottom line is they just care about MONEY snd how they can cheat people out of it. (more)

Sent  : 06/02/12,08:02:41 AM
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Submitted by  Eilene  from  Connecticut :

Subject : Terrible shipping Co.

Terrible shipping company. I waited home all day for my shipment and called them periodically so I wouldn't miss them. They came to my house, claimed that they knocked and left. I was home the whole time. My car was in the driveway and the garage was open. There is no way they rang the doorbell because it is loud and I would have heard it. When I called to complain they were rude and threatened to hang up on me. They took no responsibility and one of the employees accused me of lying. I have never written a bad review of a company until now. (more)

Sent  : 06/01/12,17:13:38 AM
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Submitted by  Ryan  from  Indiana :

Subject : Terrible....

Worst shipping company I've ever dealt with.... I've shipped cars, motorcycles, and like this time, rims and tires, MANY times.... But never through Estes.... Apparently they have a station close to the rim wholesaler in CA because he suggested them and said it would only be a day or so longer than if we used Fed-Ex or UPS or the usual guys, etc..... But ended up being like 4 days late.... Customer service said they were just Sitting in their wearhouse here in Indiana waiting to be taken out.... For 4 days they've been sittin 45 min away from me! I would have went and picked them up myself had I known!… Anyways, it's NOT worth it to save a couple bucks with these guys... They lie, the customer service is HORRIBLE, they could care less, and you get your item whn it's convenient for Them... Moral of the story.....?? Never again........… (more)

Sent  : 04/04/12,10:28:22 AM
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Submitted by  Garrett  from  California :

Subject : Beware

They delivered an engine for me. It appeared to have been dropped multiple times. They damage rendered the engine useless, because the case of the engine was actually cracked from the abuse it took in this shippers care. Unreal how they treated my shipment. Beware and pay more or a more reputable company to ship your belongings. (more)

Sent  : 03/14/12,03:50:33 AM
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Submitted by  Steve Clark  from  Georgia :

Subject : Beware

Worst customer service i have ever experienced. Still do not have it resolved. Was told by Estes that they were not paid to listen to my complaint and hung up on me. (more)

Sent  : 10/29/11,21:43:08 AM
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Submitted by  Andre  from  California :

Subject : No communication, damaged product

I was expecting a shipment and Estes tacking info stated it was arriving on schedule. On the scheduled day of delivery I called them to find out what time it would arrive. They then informed me that I was supposed to call them and make an appointment for the delivery. I was never told that I needed to make an appointment and my business needed this delivery in order to be open for business. I then picked it up myself and upon inspection I saw a minor dent on the item but decided to let it slide. When I got the part back to my business there was damage inside of the product that was only detectable once I assembled it. Overall I am very unsatisfied with the job Estes did. Use another company with a better track record! (more)

Sent  : 09/25/11,09:24:21 AM
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Submitted by  David Wu  from  Florida :

Subject : Warning

Do not use this service or even buy from someone who uses this service. Worst consumer experience I've have in 7 years of purchasing online. First delivery the item was damaged so bad I had to refuse it on delivery and then took 5 days to ship it back. The second time around I was calling everyday to be sure that when it came it it was delivered before the weekend and alas they didn't. Rude people. Terrible service. (more)

Sent  : 09/16/11,10:17:15 AM
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Submitted by  Hughes  from  California :

Subject : Custome Relation is good!!

The communication was really excellent and they maintained the professionalism till the end. Customer service was outstanding and provided very friendly, honest information. This was my first experience with using auto transport and I would unquestionably go with them next time. (more)

Sent  : 09/10/10,12:10:09 AM
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Submitted by  Benita  from  Arizona :

Subject : Top Company:

Truly a top notch company. I contacted the representative over there and I got good information and he gave me good price quote to transport my car. My car was transported professionally without any flaws. The driver was professional and very fast! (more)

Sent  : 08/26/10,11:56:14 AM
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Submitted by  Alan Doyle  from  Pennsylvania :

Subject : Reliable company

I contacted representative at Estes Express Lines about transporting the classic 1955 Ford Fairlane I had just purchased in Pa and deliver to Illinois. We had a very good experience with Estes Express Lines . My car was delivered on the day promised and he was even able to deliver earlier than scheduled to accommodate an important appointment I had. Great job!You guys exceeded my expectations.Very good service at reasonable cost. I'll be recommending Estes Express Lines to anyone I know that needs a car shipped.You guys are the best!Keep up your good work! (more)

Sent  : 05/12/10,05:16:37 AM
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Submitted by  Kellan Lutz  from  California :


I agreed to go with Estes Express Lines on a tuesday evening about 6 in the evening and with in 30 minutes I received a phone call, and a truck was ready to pick up my vehicle in a couple of hours.They were very diligent in ensuring the transportation cost was fair and equitable.The broker contacted me after delivery to make sure everything went well. I was extremely happy with Bill and the arrangements they made for us and my car was picked on time and arrived early and in great condition.I would definitely use this company in future for transport needs. (more)

Sent  : 05/05/10,04:46:42 AM
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Submitted by  William Fay  from  Oregon :

Subject : Outstanding Service!

This is my second time using Estes Express Lines and will choose them again the next time I move. My experience with this Auto Transporters was very positive. The service was timely and was pleased at both ends of the transaction from start to finish .Driver updated the status of my car and called me before arrival.driver was very knowledgeable in loading and unloading my car.I am very satisfied with this Transport. I would definitely recommend this company again. (more)

Sent  : 04/13/10,03:59:43 AM
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Submitted by  Chris Grabher  from  Texas :

Subject : Excellent service!!!!

Estes Express Lines was my third attempt to have my vehicle moved; the first two auto haulers did not deliver service, as this industry is riddled with deposit taking scammers. Friend of mine referred this company to me I decided to go with this company. Estes Express Lines was very professional with reasonable price and the car was delivered undamaged and within one day of the original estimate. They notified me on the status of the transportation and were very responsive to my requests and calls and emails. I highly recommend Estes Express Lines for any auto transportation needs. (more)

Sent  : 03/19/10,02:15:20 AM
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Submitted by  Elisa King  from  Washington :

Subject : Excellent service

This was my first time shipping my automobile and Estes Express Lines made it relatively painless. I called the representative, explained my situation and my time schedule. He worked with me and this has been the best move for me. The shipping was smooth and the car arrived on time and unharmed. They kept in touch and the car arrived on time. There were many companies contacted but Estes Express Lines was the right choice! They did a fantastic job. I would recommend to my friends. (more)

Sent  : 02/17/10,03:53:56 AM
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Submitted by  Caterina Scorsone  from  New Hampshire :

Subject : Very easy!

The driver was excellent. It was an incredibly smooth process .The pickup went smoothly and delivery was made in the expected time frame. We definitely will use Estes Express Lines whenever and wherever we need a vehicle. I am very pleased with Estes Express Lines and highly recommend this company to anyone looking to transport their vehicle. They're the BEST!!!!!!!!!!! (more)

Sent  : 02/02/10,00:31:30 AM
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