Types Of Car Transport Trailers And Trucks Used In Car Shipping Industry :


The car shipping industry relies on a diverse range of specialized trailers and trucks to transport vehicles efficiently and safely over long distances. Each type of transporter caters to different vehicle sizes, quantities, and shipping requirements. In this article, we will explore some of the most common types of car transport trailers and trucks used in the car shipping industry.

  1. Open Car Transport Trailers: Open car transport trailers are the most widely used and recognizable carriers in the car shipping industry. These trailers are characterized by their exposed design, featuring multiple levels of decks to carry vehicles. They come in various sizes, typically ranging from 2-car carriers to 10-car carriers. Open trailers are cost-effective and capable of transporting a mix of car types, including sedans, SUVs, and smaller trucks. However, since the vehicles are exposed to the elements during transit, they may be vulnerable to weather conditions and road debris.
  2. Enclosed Car Transport Trailers: Enclosed car transport trailers provide enhanced protection for vehicles during shipping. These trailers have fully enclosed compartments, shielding the vehicles from weather elements, debris, and potential damage. They are often used for transporting luxury, vintage, classic, and high-end sports cars, as well as motorcycles. Although enclosed transport comes at a higher cost compared to open carriers, it offers additional peace of mind to owners who want to ensure their prized possessions reach their destination in pristine condition.
  3. Flatbed Car Carriers: Flatbed car carriers are used for shipping non-operational or oversized vehicles. These carriers have a flat, open platform without any sides or roof, allowing for flexible loading and unloading of vehicles. They are commonly employed for transporting heavy machinery, construction equipment, and larger vehicles that cannot fit inside enclosed or open trailers.
  4. Lowboy Trailers: Lowboy trailers, also known as low-bed or low-loader trailers, are specifically designed to transport tall and heavy vehicles or equipment. They feature a lower deck height, making them ideal for shipping items with excessive height or weight that exceed standard legal limits. Lowboy trailers are commonly used for transporting construction equipment, industrial machinery, and military vehicles.
  5. Multi-Level Car Transport Trailers: Multi-level car transport trailers are specialized carriers designed to maximize vehicle capacity. They have multiple levels of decks, which can accommodate several vehicles at once. These trailers are commonly used for short-distance transport or moving cars between distribution centers and dealerships.
  6. Tow Trucks and Flatbed Trucks: In addition to trailers, car shipping companies often use tow trucks and flatbed trucks for local or short-distance vehicle transport. Tow trucks are especially useful for moving non-operational vehicles or rescuing cars from breakdowns, while flatbed trucks are versatile for carrying single cars or smaller loads.

The car shipping industry relies on a diverse fleet of specialized trailers and trucks to meet various transportation needs. Open car transporters are the most common and cost-effective, while enclosed trailers offer superior protection for valuable vehicles. Flatbed carriers handle non-operational and oversized vehicles, and lowboy trailers are designed for heavy equipment transport. Multi-level trailers optimize capacity, and tow trucks/flatbed trucks are utilized for short-distance transport. By leveraging these different types of carriers, car shipping companies can efficiently transport vehicles of all shapes and sizes while catering to the specific requirements and preferences of their customers.

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