image showcasing a ship designed for transporting vehicles, emphasizing the global automotive logistics process.
image showcasing a ship designed for transporting vehicles, emphasizing the global automotive logistics process.

In a time when the demand for sustainable transportation is at an all-time high, the launch of the CMA CGM Monaco, a state-of-the-art LNG dual-fuel roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) vessel, marks a significant advancement in the field of automotive logistics. Built at the Jinling Shipyard Jiangsu in China, this innovative ship is a key step forward in reducing the carbon footprint of global vehicle transportation, especially between Asia and Europe, two major players in the automotive sector.

Embarking on a Sustainable Journey The debut of the CMA CGM Monaco is not merely an addition to the global fleet of ships; it symbolizes the shipping industry’s dedication to environmental responsibility. With dimensions of 200 meters in length and 38 meters in width, and the ability to transport 7,000 vehicles across its twelve decks, this Malta-flagged car carrier is outfitted with the latest LNG and battery hybrid technology. Its design is specifically aimed at supporting the growing market for electric and hybrid vehicles, which requires eco-friendly transport solutions that align with the green nature of these products. As the ship sets off on its inaugural trip to Europe, with its first stop planned in Tilbury, UK, by mid-March, it signifies a crucial step in the path toward sustainable automotive logistics.

Adapting to a Global Transition

The timing of the CMA CGM Monaco’s introduction is aligned with a significant shift in the automotive export landscape. With China becoming the world’s largest automobile exporter, overtaking Japan, there’s an increasing need for car carriers that are efficient and environmentally friendly. This demand is particularly strong for vehicles leading the green revolution, such as electric and hybrid cars. The CMA CGM Group has responded to this shift by expanding its fleet to meet this demand. The addition of ships like the CMA CGM Indianapolis, and the upcoming CMA CGM Monza and CMA CGM Silverstone, showcases the group’s forward-thinking approach to the future of automotive transport.

Pledging for a Greener Future Furthermore, the CMA CGM Group’s strategic actions, including the consolidation of its car carrier business and the acquisition of La Méridionale, which operates RoPax ships, demonstrate a deep-seated commitment to sustainability. This dedication is further highlighted by the order of two LNG-powered RoPax ships and the delivery of the CMA CGM Mermaid, part of a series aimed at achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. With an investment of $15 billion in LNG and methanol-powered ships, the group is not only preparing for a greener future but is actively shaping it. The CMA CGM Monaco, with its innovative design and fuel efficiency, leads this ambitious effort, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

The voyage of the CMA CGM Monaco from the shipyards of Jiangsu to the ports of Europe is more than just a logistical operation; it represents a move toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious global automotive transport sector. As this vessel navigates the waters between Asia and Europe, it carries the hope of a cleaner, greener future for both the shipping industry and the planet.


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