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I wish I had gone through the transport company directly rather than deal with a broker who did very minimal work! The one thing I asked Westlake to do, and they could not get it right! I was very specific about the day and timeframe I needed my car to be picked up. Since I left the state a few days before my car was scheduled to be picked up, I left my car keys with a friend. I specifically asked Westlake to have my car picked up on Friday, before 4 p.m since my car was going to be picked up at my friends work site. My friend who waited a couple of hours after his shift was over, could not wait any longer. He had to leave. Four hours later, the transport company shows up. My friend fortunately left my keys at work with a co-worker who works the night shift. Had my friend not handed over my keys to someone he trusted, my car would not have been picked up on the day it was scheduled. The whole ordeal was very stressful. On a personal note, Sara with Westlake sounds like a girl who works at a nail salon. No offense, but my conversations with her put me on egg shells. Professionally speaking, she is not the best candidate for the job. I am not sure how she is a manager? If you are looking for an affordable price and great customer service, you are better off going with someone else. I hate giving a bad review. But I think this company deserves it. I would hate for someone to deal with someone whose incompetent during stressful times like relocating to another state. Good luck!

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