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  • Review Title :   Amazing, Even If It Isn't Easy.
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My eShip experience was different than many other peoples experience. I didn't complete a transaction due to a misunderstanding. I am in no way placing blame on anyone. Everyone can give great reviews when things go smoothly. This time it didn't go smoothly, and because of the way my situation was handled is why I am leaving a 5 star review. A driver that was contracted to pick up my vehicle had a mechanical malfunction. This was made clear to me by eShip. I panicked because I was on a tight time frame and didn't have extra days to to allow after the deadline that I stated. In my panic I booked another freight company to pick up my van. This is where eShip was demonstrated why they have so many 5 star reviews here on Google. Mark discussed the situation with me in a very calm and completely respectful manner (even when I was frustrated) and we resolved the situation in a very satisfactory manner. So, in a few words. Use these guys. Also be patient with the process. When I need to move a vehicle again, I will reach back out to eShip Transport without question! They are an ethical and stand up organization. Thank you Mark Anthony!

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