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I would strongly advise not hiring this company. Please do not make the mistake we made by hiring them and do your research. There are numerous open investigations with the FMCSA, please call and hear for yourself 1 (888) 368-7238. Also, call the BBB and request their records, as they are more than frightening. They sounded great on the phone, but jacked our prices up the day of the move. We specifically asked about numerous fees, to which they told us there would be none other than the cubic feet we used. However, the day of the move there were several new fees that we were told we be covered when we spoke to them on the phone. They then declined to stand by their verbal agreements. After calling numerous times, they have been impossible to get a hold of ever since they picked up our goods. We often wait on hold for almost an hour to speak with anyone. They have now delayed our delivery window three times in the past 17 days. They refuse to tell us the exact location of our goods, and I have now requested info as to how I can pick up the goods myself to which they have delayed giving me info on for a week. Every time I call they tell me they will call me with an update, but fail to do so. They claim to operate out of Arlington, but that is not true. None of the claims are the website can be validated. The employees are heartless and do everything in their power to mislead you. Please, if you are having the same issues we are, contact federal agencies and save other people the misery they are putting us all through.

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