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Transport Rankings Review   For  United Auto Transport
Submitted by  Alex S  from  California :

Subject : 5 Stars !!!

I was very happy with the service I received from United Auto Transport. I bought my car from North Carolina and did not want to have to fly out and drive it all the way to Los Angeles. My cousin in New Jersey had used United Auto Transport to transport his vehicle when he moved a few years ago. After I got a quote from Karolina, she scheduled a pick up in two days, and I got my car in less that two weeks. The driver was also very professional and delivered my vehicle to my door. This was a door to door service as promised and a very easy process. I never imagined that it could be so simple as one phone call to United Auto Transport and my car could be at my door in no time. Thanks UAT!! I will definitely refer all my friends and colleagues to United Auto transport. (more)

Sent  : 11/14/11,22:32:57 AM
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Submitted by  Mike  from  California :

Subject : Awesome Service

When I bought my dream car from Florida, I did not want to drive it down all the way to CA, because it had low miles on it. I decided to have a transport company ship it for me. I started calling auto transport companies to find out how much it would cost and how long it would take for me to get my car. I read a lot of horror stories about car transport companies, and was trying to get a hold of a reputable company with good ratings to transport my car. After getting several quotes from a few companies, I contacted United Auto Transport and I liked them from the beginning. I had read good reviews about them, and decided to go with them. They got my car picked up two days after I got my quote, and I received my car in Ontario CA 9 days later. I was able to talk to them while the car was in transit and they were always available to get updates. I was very happy with the service and will be using them again in the future. (more)

Sent  : 07/01/11,16:32:49 AM
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Submitted by  Vick  from  California :

Subject : Great service

When I sold my 57 Cadillac Deville on Ebay, I had no idea how I was gonna ship it to the buyer, since I had agreed to take care of the transport. After doing a lot of research and calling many car shippers I found United Auto Transport online. After getting a quote from them I did a little research and read good things about them. All the other companies were not thorough enough about the transport process, and since I had many questions, Karolina was patient enough to take the time to explain everything in detail. My car was inoperable, and was going to a not so common city in Texas (Laredo). There were a few obstacles, but Karolina handled them beautifully. The buyer was also happy to get the car in time and in an enclosed truck. Don't hesitate, call UAT and get the best customer service you can imagine! (more)

Sent  : 05/17/11,14:21:29 AM
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Submitted by  Arthur  from  California :

Subject : Excellent Service every time!!!

As a hobby I buy and sell cars. Up until a couple of years ago I used different companies to transport my cars and had a few bad experiences. When I started working with UAT I received the best customer service and each time and my transport process was always a hassle free one. Klara and Karolina booked all my transports within a couple of days and always made sure my cars were well taken care of. Since I buy classic and high end cars, I request enclosed trucks. I have always been able to get in touch with UAT reps throughout the moving process. Always got updates when the cars were picked up and notified when they would be delivered. When I think about buying a car, I do not worry about where the car is located, because I know that UAT will come through for me and get my car safely to me! I highly recommend UAT to everyone that is looking for a great company with excellent service. (more)

Sent  : 05/17/11,14:13:58 AM
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Submitted by  Bobby Simmons  from  Tennessee :

Subject : A great carrier

When I initially contacted United Auto Transport they responded within four hours with a quote that was at least $100 less than my best estimate and several dollars better than others I received. They provide price quotes in a very timely fashion and schedule the transport faster than expected! I have had good communication with the staff, which is always professional and courteous and realy helpful. The paperwork is always complete, and pick-up/drop-off estimates are accurate and any time there has been a change, we were promptly notified.My car arrived on time,Overall I was satisfied with their service. (more)

Sent  : 05/11/10,04:14:20 AM
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Submitted by  Jennifer Euston  from  California :

Subject : Very Happy

This is the first time I have used United Auto Transport, and the experience was great. When I first called this Transport, they quoted a price not the lowest and not the highest. We experienced some delay in scheduling and delivery due to snow storms out West but that was understandable.customer service was excellent and they had the excellent team work.Overall I was satisfied with the company service. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of transport services in timely manner. (more)

Sent  : 05/04/10,06:14:29 AM
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Submitted by  Aaron Johnson  from  Florida :

Subject : Fantastic Service

I picked United Auto Transport because they appeared to have the "best" overall feedback.Staffs at this transport were knowledgable and courteous and gave me all the information I needed without any hassle. The pickup and dropoff drivers were very nice and they were carefull in handling my car. I thoroughly checked my car for smash up, especially the under carriage and wheels and it was spotless, no bugs, dirt.Satisfied with this company service.I would recommend this company because of their very competitive price, friendly service. (more)

Sent  : 04/22/10,04:04:11 AM
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Submitted by  Paul Warren  from  Massachusetts :

Subject : Great All Around Service!

I contacted numerous transporters with the feeling (from most) that I may or may not get my vehicle transported in any timeframe. My friend refered me this company.I had a great experience from start to finish. I found the people at Specialty to be extremely friendly, courteous, and caring. United Auto Transport 's staff was great to work with - they handled all of the arrangements and paperwork and instantly responded to each of the questions that were asked by our customer. I will use them again. (more)

Sent  : 04/10/10,03:47:28 AM
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Submitted by  Will Patton  from  Washington :

Subject : Wonderful Experience

I had paid a deposit for another transport company and they never picked up the vehicle. I selected United Auto Transport by seeing the reviews of that company. Their quote was lower than most others which made me nervous about reliability for pick up and delivery. They did exactly what they promised they would do. The staffs at United Auto were very informative and enjoyable to do business with. They constantly kept in contact with me to keep me informed as to the process, the status of delivery of my car and to check and see that I was satisfied with the transport company .Thanks United Auto Transport for your understanding the situation and getting my vehicle in such short order to me. (more)

Sent  : 03/09/10,03:33:16 AM
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Submitted by  Kyla Warren  from  Texas :

Subject : Very Good Service

I received excellent service from United Auto Transport. They were true professional with excellent communications skills. This company is really wonderful . We were very satisfied with United Auto Transport 's service. Great service at a good price! (more)

Sent  : 01/12/10,00:50:31 AM
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