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Honest Auto Movers
87 Isle of Venice Dr,Fort Lauderdale,FL,33301

Email Address  : Reach us at
MC Number  :  MC-704101
Type  :  carrier

Honest Auto Movers is a Broker who's owner Capt Mark used to own eleven 10-car carriers and two 3-car wedges for 12 years

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   Honest Auto Movers Reviews

Subject  :  Great Service
Review  : 
Honest Auto Movers are the best!!! They did everything with amazingly low prices and paid the first driver I never saw unlike all the others. After having this order with 3 other carriers and brokers for 2 months, Honest Auto Movers handled both legs of the difficult move in 3 minutes!!!  (more)
Posted by  :  Mark Smith
Date  :  02/18/14
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Subject  :  Great Service
Review  : 
I have never had a vehicle shipped before, so when I needed to ship a large van from Grand Junction, CO to The Dalles, OR (a pretty off the beaten path route) I requested a quote from a big ticket auto transporter on the internet which was a mistake. After getting about 20 email bids and calls (all promising that  (more)
Posted by  :  Jim Green
Date  :  12/05/13
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
1 Favors / 0 Rejects
Subject  :  Captian Mark is a Captian Crook
Review  : 
Captain Mark is a crook. I paid him to coordinate shipping for my 1958 Oldsmobile from Lakeland, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. A very popular route, and a very easy load, as the car is not a show car and it drives fine. The only time that car was available for pick-up was on the weekend and he assured me that  (more)
Posted by  :  Tim Phillips
Date  :  12/05/11
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
0 Favors / 2 Rejects
Response  :  Even three years later I still stand by my negative review of captain mark. Read his responses to my review. He states, apparently this carrier simply FORGOT. Hes still blaming everyone else and not taking responsibility. He claims that we did finally get the car picked up on the weekend it was originally supposed to get picked up. I dont   (more)
Response  :  Like we do for all customers we do not simply find a driver going along a route that best suites the customers schedule we find EVERY driver going along the route over a several day window. We negotiation the pricing down to the contract price agreed upon. This customer knew that the pricing for which he was   (more)
Response  :  All of this happened August of 2010. Within 2 days of placing his order August 4, 2010, I fulfilled the order for pickup August 13, 2010 as directed by Tim and Matthew. Apparently this carrier simply FORGOT about their signed contract with my company for the load and I had to re dispatch this to another carrier.   (more)

Subject  :  You have to read this to believe it
Review  : 
I wanted to move my car from Chicago to PA. So, I contacted Capt Mark through a referral. He sounded very knowledgable. I was impressed; even referred a friend of mine to him the next day. Anyway, he told me his procedures and explained that only a small percentage of his moves don't go as planned. He  (more)
Posted by  :  De
Date  :  07/02/11
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
0 Favors / 2 Rejects
Response  :  The reason we have minor service work done to your car when it is in a dealership awaiting pickup is so that the car is insured while at the dealership. This man is an attorney who is big trouble with the bar.   (more)
Response  :  Olamid O. Famuyiwa was the writer of this review and as a Lawyer he has problems with the truth and thus many problems with the law. All you have to do is go online to Cooke County and see how many criminal and civil actions have been brought against him. He doesn't need me to make his   (more)
Response  :  This gentleman wanted his money back and given I did my job 3 times and still did not get a thank you I gave him a piece of my mind but I NEVER threatened anyone as he writes here and I advised him my mom is retired from the NYS Attorney General's office and I am the most reputable guy   (more)

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