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Domestic Auto Transport
700 NE 4th Ave,Camas,WA,98607
(360) 834-6013

Email Address  : Reach us at
MC Number  :  MC-640011
Type  :  Broker

When you are looking for domestic auto transport, you want to go with someone who knows the ins and outs of freight business specifically the nuances of getting vehicles transported domestically. We are the people who know how to handle everything just right so when you're in a rush, you know who to turn to: Domestic Auto Transport.

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   Domestic Auto Transport Reviews

Subject  :  Kim from domestic auto transport keep deleting my review
Review  : 
I chose Kim because of previous reviews but had a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE DEALING WITH HER and the transporter company XXX. She said there would be no problem finding a driver for me but unfortunately this was not the truth: I had to keep calling her to get updates. Finally two days before my expected pick up date she called me  (more)
Posted by  :  peter
Date  :  06/28/12
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
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Subject  :  Scam
Review  : 
After sorting through many bids, I chose to go with Darlene at Domestic Auto Transport. I was then emailed an order confirmation, terms and conditions agreement that I confirmed and agreed to. My rep Darlene, said the motorcycle is usually picked up with in 96 hrs' of the acceptance of the agreement. That was on 5/03/11. After calling her  (more)
Posted by  :  Pat
Date  :  05/18/11
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
1 Favors / 0 Rejects
Response  :  Pat you truly need to step back take a deep breath, search your conscience and be HONEST. We never say 96 hours for pick up. It is verbally stated and in our terms and conditions there are not promises. or guarantees for pick up or delivery. It typically takes 1 to 7 day from the first day you make your   (more)
Subject  :  Very Refreshing
Review  : 
Let me say upfront I cancelled this order with Domestic because I had an offer on my vehicle I couldn't refuse. If it had not been for that I would have gone through with the transport. Dealing with Sheila P was very refreshing to say the very least. She is up front and honest to a fault. Even when  (more)
Posted by  :  HAPPY JACK
Date  :  05/11/11
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
0 Favors / 1 Rejects

Subject  :  DO NOT USE!!
Review  : 
We used this company to ship my car from Cleveland, Ohio to Atlanta, GA in August 2010. When the car arrived at the destination, they called me and said the amount of money due to the truck driver had changed. This last minute price switcheroo caused huge problems for me. Then, I filled out the online rebate form for $50.  (more)
Posted by  :  Shawn Schramm
Date  :  01/03/11
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
1 Favors / 0 Rejects
Subject  :  Rip off
Review  : 
They never sent me a contract, told a prie=ce, made me file a claim against another company that was going to take my car for the agreed price and charged me 300 more than I had agreed, and i ended up being ripped off, because I needed my car.......they make promises they cannot keep  (more)
Posted by  :  clairez
Date  :  01/01/11
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
1 Favors / 0 Rejects
Subject  :  great service
Review  : 
They provide very professional and effective and on time service. I may use it again in the future.  (more)
Posted by  :  Dongjiu Ye
Date  :  09/23/10
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
0 Favors / 1 Rejects
Subject  :  Outstanding service:
Review  : 
Absolutely outstanding service. The concern went out of the way to secure timely transportation and delivery. Car was picked up within two days of my signing a contract and delivered so soon that is beyond my expectations. They followed-up to insure that the car was delivered on time due to a very short delivery window. Car was delivered in perfect  (more)
Posted by  :  Robert
Date  :  07/01/10
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
1 Favors / 0 Rejects
Subject  :  Excellent Experience
Review  : 
Not knowing the business, I filled out a few applications online and received calls/emails/texts from over 15 dissimilar companies. After I filled out the form, I contacted Domestic because they had very high-quality reviews on this website. As soon as I emailed with Holly and spoke to her temporarily, I realized the mistake I made, filling out that online form.  (more)
Posted by  :  Alexander Siddig
Date  :  04/12/10
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
0 Favors / 1 Rejects
Subject  :  good service at a good price
Review  : 
My auto transport knowledge was a excellent value – great service for a good price. Casi did a good job of following up and resolving any changes or issues, meeting a competitive cost and completing the transport  (more)
Posted by  :  tippu
Date  :  10/26/09
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
1 Favors / 0 Rejects

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Total Review  : 9
Domestic Auto Transport had been submitted for evaluation for november 2011 transport awards.Domestic Auto Transport has been selected as the 5th best transport company of over 1000 companies nationwide. We sincerely congratulate Domestic Auto Transport for their wonderful performance in the month of november 2011. We at wish Domestic Auto Transport to continue their wonderful service and performance in future.
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