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Accelerated Auto Transportation Inc.
PO Box 5067,Englewood,CO, 80155
(720) 200-3100

Email Address  : Reach us at
MC Number  :  MC-602833
Type  :  Broker

Accelerated Logistics is a nationally recognized auto transport carrier and auto transport broker service provider. Although we specialize in customized auto shipping programs geared towards multi-vehicle / fleet moves we pride ourselves on executing the same high level of quality service to all clients regardless if they need only one vehicle moved or one thousand.

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   Accelerated Auto Transportation Inc. Reviews

Subject  :  Avoid at all costs
Review  : 
Accelerated transported my new car from Colorado to New Jersey. A few days after receiving the vehicle, one of the tires went flat while driving. Removing the wheel revealed abrasion around the entire inner side of the tire. Obviously this damage wasn't visible when I inspected the car after it was unloaded. Accelerated refuses to do anything to replace the  (more)
Posted by  :  Brett
Date  :  02/22/14
Rating  : 
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Subject  :  Dishonest/Fraud/Criminals
Review  : 
First time using Accelerated Auto Transportation and the last time. They state they are honest and trustworthy and a 5 star transportation company. Based on our experience. they are dishonest, deceitful, and take part in criminal activity. They require payment up front and I can now see why they do. Our car was purchased in CT. and we got a  (more)
Posted by  :  PS
Date  :  04/24/13
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
0 Favors / 0 Rejects
Response  :  I would like to state that Accelerated Auto Transport made everything right and I would definitely use them again for an auto transport. I appreciate all the efforts by Terry at Accelerated Auto Transport to make things right. I would recommend them to family and friends if they ever needed a car transported.   (more)
Subject  :  Good service
Review  : 
We are a small autobroker in Portland, Oregon.. Purchased a vehicle from the Denver auction and needed to get it back for our customer. This company was referred by a local transporter. The did the job in a timely prudent fashion. Using them again this week for a car from Twin Falls, to Oregon...  (more)
Posted by  :  Jim Weaver
Date  :  02/01/13
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
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Subject  :  Nobody knew what was going on and nobody would return my calls
Review  : 
I needed to ship a Mini Cooper from Jackson Hole Wy to New York, and Accelerated was recommended by the dealership. I was going to use another carrier that was $250 less, but went with Acceleratedd due to the recommend and they said they could pick it up within 2 days. They said they'd pick it up Thursday, then Friday,  (more)
Posted by  :  Pam Evans
Date  :  10/24/11
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
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Subject  :  communication was excellent
Review  : 
My whole experience with accelerated auto was excellent. The communication was excellent. I was informed about all the details of the shipping process. The actual drivers were a very nice couple from Atlantic Auto Transport. They took excellent care of my 64 car from New York to California. auto Transport Company have exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend them  (more)
Posted by  :  Jovian
Date  :  03/22/11
Rating  : 
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0 Favors / 0 Rejects
Subject  :  Great Driver
Review  : 
I had a tight schedule and was very daunted by the driver who called me honestly and actually changed his plans to meet me and my car delayed at night in a shopping mall parking lot to pick up my car. He put me at ease about my anxiety for my new car and it was delivered across the country  (more)
Posted by  :  Chris Rock
Date  :  04/20/10
Rating  : 
Thumbs Up/Down  : 
0 Favors / 0 Rejects
Subject  :  Thank You for your help
Review  : 
Accelerated Auto Transportation was the cheapest rate we were given, made super fast arrangements, and had my car on the road to Michigan within days so we could fly out on time.  (more)
Posted by  :  Rebecca Bourdo
Date  :  12/27/09
Rating  : 
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Total Review  : 7
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